My Self-study Timeline

During the pandemic, I had the opportunity to do some self-study. My goal was to acquire the skillsets of a data scientist and a fullstack developer. Below is the study path I ended up taking ↓

  1. Concepts Covered: Matplotlib, Data Wrangling, Bootstrapping, Pandas & NumPy, Statistics
    Example Project: Data Scientist Salary by Country (Tableau)
  2. Concepts Covered: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Software Engineering
    Example Project: Dog Breed Classifier Using Deep Learning
  3. Concepts Covered: Data Modeling, Data Pipelines, Data Lakes, SQL, Spark, Airflow
    Example Project: AWS Data Warehouse
  4. Concepts Covered: Python, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Flask, Docker, Kubernetes
  5. Concepts Covered: Data Structures and Algorithms, Problem Solving, Interview Practice Problems
  6. Concepts Covered: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Webpack, Flexbox, Node
    Example Project: Landing Page